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I Bet Your Life
Mystery/comedy by Fred Carmichael
2010 Performances: Oct. 22, 23 & 24, 28, 29, 30, 31
Director: Aaron Collins

When a successful soap opera author (Matthew Stoddard) writes a screenplay, his agent, Greg doesn't think it's plausible and refuses to try and sell it. The story is about a terminally ill man too chicken to commit suicide so he hires an anonymous hit man to kill him and then finds out he was misdiagnosed. But the problem is he doesn't know who the hit man is! So to persuade his agent the story is believable, Matt contacts a gangster (Mr. B) who arranges for an incognito hit man to join them at a dinner party. He tells Greg he has until 10 p.m. to spot the hit man or he's a goner. But there's a car wreck and Mr. B ends up dead. The action accelerates as they try to spot the hit man before the deadline. Stacy, Greg's secretary and love interest of both men, does her best to help as surprise after surprise thwarts them. Hilarious situations, clever dialogue, intriguing romance and surprise twists make this breezy comedy a delight! Valerie Brokaw Orzell as Stacey Kingsley Brian Fitzgibbons as Gregory Larson Karen Poulsen as Lila Langforth Heidi Ackerson as Gerta Keith Poulsen as Burton Finley Sarah Ann de la Hoz as Laura Pudney Mark James Mallo as Matthew Stoddard Ted Pack as Ira Watson Harriet Winokur as Henrietta  Squires visit Sandi Carroll online

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