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'Best Little Whorehouse
in Texas'

a Musical
February 16 - March 4, 2007
Director: John Stenko
Stage Manager: Dr. Dale Lilyfors

Cast of Best Little Whorehouse Sarah Marsh as Townsperson Bev Zaumeyer as Townsperson and Reporter Marie Priest as Beatrice Kimberly Blohm as Eloise and Angelette Bill Brown as Senator Charles Wingwoah (Bill also played one of the Dogettes) Brian Fitzgibbons as Sheriif Ed Earl Dodd Kaila Blohm as Dawn Mark Oliver as Melvin P. Thorpe Danielle Grau as Angel Gary Broughman as CJ Scruggs (Gary also played one of the AGgies and a Townsperson) Ariel Permuy as Durla (Ariel also played one of the Angelettes) Robert Priest as Edsel Mackey (Robert also played an Aggie and a Townsperson) Cody Sumerix as an Aggie (Cody also played a Townsperson) Matthew Goldbarth as Aggie and Townsperson Pat Justin as Jewel Dr. Dale Lilyfors as Mayor Rufus Poindexter Danielle Satterlee as Taddy Joe (Danielle also played an Angelette) Rachel David as Linda Lou Rebecca Abramowitz as Ruby Rae Jennifer Payton as Shy (Jennifer also played one of the Angelettes) Denise Jameson as Townsperson Ken Guilbeault as Narrator, Assistant, and Governor's Aide Michael Murray as Aggie and Dogette Nathan Zwerling as an Aggie Paige Elizabeth as Miss Mona Strangley

ompin’, foot stompin’ musical about the good times and demise of the Chicken Ranch, known since the 1850’s as one of the better pleasure palaces in all of Texas. Governors, senators, mayors, and even victorious football teams frequent Miss Mona’s cozy bordello who, while taking care of her girls, is also on good terms with the local sheriff, Ed Earl Dodd. When a crusading television reporter, Melvin P. Thorpe, “uncovers” the illegal activity (that is, makes an issue out of something that is common, but quiet, knowledge in Texas), political ramifications cause the place to be closed down. Don’t miss this one!


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Nancy McCormick as  Mrs. Soames Denise Jameson as Townsperson Bill Cook as Professor Willard Karen Poulsen as Mrs. Gibbs Brian Fitzgibbons as Dr. Gibbs Nathan Hyatt as Mr. Webb Patti Earl as Mrs. Webb Irene Spatz as Multiple Roles George Hale as Constable/Undertaker Don Campbell in the role of Stage Manager Rebecca Abramowitz as  Rebecca Gibbs Ken Guilbeault as George Gibbs Heather Campbell as Emily Webb Rachel David as Joe Crowell Gene Ezekk as Howie Newsome Jonah Powers as Wally Webb/Si Crowell Ralph Weinrich as Arnold Grunion Jenny Sejansky - Director Warren Hersch as Mr. Jansen Harriet Winokur as Vivian Trachtman Nancy McCormick - Stage Manager Bob Hewes as Floyd Spinner Karen Poulsen as Kate Dennis Aaron Collins as Jon Trachtman Ken Guilbeault as Leslie Arthur Danielle Grau as Connie Larrie Tiffany as Saunders Valerie Orzel as Maggie Keith Poulsen as Bellhop Carol Cole as Diana Jane Taylor as Julia Brian Fitzgibbons as Tito Merelli Liz Davis as Maria Merelli David Lowe as Max Peggy Hollenbeck as Topsy Sarah Marsh as Maud Melrose Robert Priest as Dr. Jevons Patti Earl as Bonita Belgrave Dottie Hughes as Cora Clark John Hardebeck - Alan Bennet Justine Blanchette as Deirdre O'Malley Don Campbell as Osgood Meeker Summer Sinclair as Dora Jo Patterson as Sylvia Archibald Kerry-Anne Purkiss as Doreen Bob Hart as Perry Lascoe Danielle Grau as Zelda Fenwick Bev Zaumeyer as Almina Clare Ronnie Hart as Estelle Craven Jane Taylor as Lotta Bainbridge Vera Morrison as May Davenport Ann Knadle - Sarita Myrtle Linda Swartz  as Norma Hubley Katherine Ensminger as Mimsey (1st week) John Stenko as Roy Hubley Will Bordelon as Jesse Kiplinger Karen Poulsen as Muriel Tate Don Campbell as Inspector Thomas Bill Cook as Richard Warwick Nathan Hyatt as Henry Angell Brian Fitzgibbons as Michael Starkwedder Steve Dionne as Julian Farrar Sparky Holmes as Detective Cadwallader Ken Guilbeault as Jan Warwick Janet Redemann Sage as Miss Bennett Jo Patterson as Mrs. Warwick Carol Cole as Laura Warwick George Green, Jr. as Sam Nash Patti Earl as Karen Nash Karen Poulsen as Muriel Tate Will Bordelon as Jesse Kiplinger Katherine Ensminger as Mimsey (1st week) Linda Swartz as Norma Hubley John Stenko as Roy Hubley Hannah Masters as Mimsy (2nd week) Laurie Kraker as Jean McCormack Jeff Stanley as Ralph Jonah Powers as Scut Farkas (Jonah also played Black Bart Shane Benton as Flick (Shane also played Desperado II) Judi Szeiler as Miss Shields Jo Patterson as Mrs. Swartz Hunter McGowan as Randy Dayl Johns as Mother Dan Blazi as The Old Man Brandon Agan Williams as Ralphie Gabrielle Chapin as Helen Weathers Savannah Hewes as Esther-Jane Cameron Miller as Schartz (Cameron also played Desperado I) Garrit Bosma as Toadie