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Cast of Burglar

Director Debi Laibe flanked by the cast
Back, left to right: Sarah R. Kline, Stan Sanders, Don Campbell,
Scott Hazard, Bobbi Clancy.
Front: Debbi Dinkins, Linda Kalaydjian.

Theater Review
There's A Burglar
In My Bed
July 20-29, 2001

NSB Observer Community Editor

The opening night audience was thoroughly entertained by the Little Theatre of New Smyrna Beach's summer production, There's a Burglar in My Bed.

The action takes place at the Worthington family compound in Massachusetts where Ashley and William Worthington III, played by Bobbi Clancy and Stan Sanders, are both having affairs and are secretly planning to divorce each other.

Bobbie Clancy is terrific as Ashley. This is her first appearance on stage since high school and she does a wonderful job as the rich but bored housewife seeking some excitement in her life.

Stan Sander, who previously appeared on the LT stage in March's production of "The 1940's Radio Hour," has a wonderfully expressive face, which served him well in this hilarious role.

Ashley's prenuptial agreement states that the only way she can share Billy's assets in a divorce is to prove him guilty of adultery. So she and her lover, Teddy, played by Scott Hazard, hatch a plan to get her husband in a compromising position so a bumbling photographer, played by Don Campbell, can snap a photo.

Hazard, who appeared as the announcer and general manager in "The 1940's Radio Hour," is a treat to watch in this role.

Campbell is an absolute hoot as the bumbling photographer, who gets knocked unconscious by just about everyone else in the play. He delivers some of the funniest moments in the show.

Both Ashley and Billy decide to use the beach cottage for a weekend rendezvous with their lovers, and there are some really hilarious near misses as the four of them come and go.

Ashley talks her friend Marianne Van Kleefe, played by Linda Kalaydjian, into getting Billy into a compromising position. Linda may be making her first LT appearance, but she is no stranger to the stage and she sizzles as the over-sexed Marianne, who ends up trying to seduce all the men she meets, thinking they are Billy.

In the meanwhile, Billy and his lover Buffy Duval, played by Debbi Dinkins concoct a plan to pretend the valuable "Worthington Necklace," a family heirloom, is stolen so Ashley will not get to keep it.

Dinkins is a veteran LT actor and is excellent as Buffy, who falls in love with the "Worthington Necklace" and will do just about anything to keep it away from Ashley. She and Billy enlist her sister's help to "steal" the necklace.

Sarah R. Kline plays Deborah Duval, Buffy's sister, and this 16-year-old does a terrific job in her first LT performance. When she and her sister have to pretend to be nuns to convince Ashley they have a reason to be at the cottage (on retreat), they have to share one black skirt, leaving each with only a half a skirt to wear, and the audience in stitches.

Debi Laibe has done an excellent job directing this hilarious farce. She has acted in and directed many productions at the Little Theatre.

And not to forget all of the seldom seen, but nevertheless hard-working backstage help - Betsy Johnson is stage manager. Bill Roehrborn is the technical director and Mary Monnier is set decorator with Stephanie Hill as set painting assistant.

Greg Harris handles light and sound and Megan Clancy and Camille Dickinson take care of properties. Rose Dingas takes care of costumes and Kay Lunn is the back stage assistant. Dottie Hughes is in charge of publicity and Hughes and Nancy Linn are in charge of programs.