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Dan Blazi
Most Versatile

Kimla Dodds
Promising Newcomer

Allie Tippins

Camille Dickinson
Golden Prop

Scott Hazard
Best Supporting Actor

Bobbi Clancy
Best Delivery

David Jenkins
Best Actor in Musical

Hal Linn
Golden Whip



An Evening At The Hammys: Proving there's no business like
show business, Life Member Bert Landreville kicks off the evening with
her enthusiastic swearing in of the 2003-2004 LT Board of Directors
The 2002-2003 Hammy Awards

Editor, Smyrna Breeze

Saturday, June 14: There was glamour and glitz at the Little Theatre of New Smyrna Beach, as members marked the end of a successful season with the annual "Hammy" Awards. This fun-filled annual event (which bears a smidgen of resemblance to the Oscar or the Tony award programs) is to give recognition and thanks to all the hard-working actors, directors and crews and supporters of the season's productions.

The evening started with door prize tickets given to each guest as they made their way into the theater to feast on a scrumptious buffet. Nancy McCormick was in charge of awarding the door prizes that she collected from local merchants. President Dottie Hughes then thanked the 2002-03 executive board members and the committee chairpersons were recognized. Little Theatre life member Bert Landerville swore in the newly elected executive board for the 2002-2003 season. They are President Dottie Hughes, Vice President Don Campbell, Secretary Estie Keyes, Treasurer Camille Dickinson, and Board Members, Marge Orlich, Irene Spatz and Rose Dingas.

David and Karin Jenkins, resplendent in formal attire, were co-hosts for the evening's festivities with son, Ryan Jenkins, as the "Trophy Boy," who had to share the limelight this year with the family dog, Maui Jenkins, who won the Golden Biscuit Award for his role in Uncle Harry. Once again Ryan tried to steal the show as he presented the Hammy trophies to the winners. The Hammy show was an extravaganza of dance numbers and skits starting with musical tributes to each production.

Directors of the season's productions were honored and asked to say a few words about their show. They are Kendra Legendre for Surprise!, Lawrence Benjamin for Beau Jest, Janie Hale for House on the Cliff, Frances Johnson for Lilies of the Field, Susan Wagner for Uncle Harry; Dottie Hughes for Whose Wives Are They Anyway, Mary Lou Keenan for Nutcrackers, and Nancy McCormick for Greetings.

Actors and crew members receiving 2002-2003 Hammy Awards are:

  • Most Promising Newcomer - The performer who is new to the Little Theater stage - Kimla Dodds

  • Sexpot - The best performance in a racy role - Allie Tippins

  • You've Come a Long Way, Baby - The most improved performer of the season Dayl Jean Revoldt

  • You Love to Hate Them - The meanest character - Ryan Shea

  • You're So Darn Cute - the sweetest performer - Michael Stewart and Courtney Rumbault

  • Most Versatile Performer - The performer who shows the most range and who can play different types of roles - Daniel Blazi

  • Best Performance in a Small Role - Performer who stole the show, thus proving there are no small parts - George Hale

  • What Did He Say? - Best accent or delivery - Bobbi Clancy

  • Darling, You're Gorgeous - For the most glamorous, bizarre or unusual costume - Rose Dingas, Diane Jingozian and Ruth Stammen

  • Golden Prop - For the most unusual, strangest, or funniest prop - Camille Dickinson

  • Shine & Tell - For the best lighting/sound - Josh Lyon

  • Golden Whip - Best Stage Manager of the season - Hal Linn

  • Best Performance by an Actress in a Drama - Karin Jenkins

  • Best Performance by an Actor in a Drama - Doug Bradley

  • Best Performance by an Actress in a Comedy - Ann Knadle

  • Best Performance by an Actor in a Comedy - Michael Shea

  • Best Performance by an Actress in a Musical Role - Pat Justin

  • Best Performance by an Actor in a Musical Role - David Jenkins

  • Best Performance by a Supporting Actress - Mauricette Kelley

  • Best Performance by a Supporting Actor - Scott Hazard

  • Best Set Design and Dress - Ann Knadle and Bill Roehrborn.

The Little Theatre is now preparing for the 2003-04 season beginning with the July 11 opening of the summer production, Woody Allen's farce, Don't Drink the Water. For further information about the Little Theatre, call 423-1246.

Sandi Carroll is Editor of the Smyrna Breeze. She may be reached at 427-1000, ext. 234 or at


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