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Cast of Hot Lovers

'Lilies of the Field'

based on a novel by William Barrett
and adapted to the stage by F. Andrew Leslie
February 21 - 23 & February 27 - March 2, 2003
Director: Frances Johnson

pening night at the Little Theatre of New Smyrna Beach featured this renowned adaptation for the stage from the Novel by William E. Barrett. Director Frances Johnson saw this play as particularly meaningful in today's climate of bad news on top of more bad news.

"World War II not only brought about the tragedies forced on the Jewish people, but also caused the Christian denominations to examine their own religions and beliefs," says Johnson. "In so doing, many Catholic leaders found it necessary to disperse their clergiy throughout the world. Such is the case of the nuns in Lillies of the Field. Sent to America for their own safety, they found their little group on their own in a 'new world' of unfamiliar customs and a language foreign to them.

"Somehow into their life was sent an "angel" to help them. He was of the Baptist faith. Within a short time, a chapel was buildt and a bridge was crfeated between the two clearly diverse types of people - Catholic nuns from a European order and a Southern gentleman from the United States."

"Maybe in these days of bad news and more bad news, it might be the perfect time for all of us to remember Mother Maria Marthe's biblical references in Matthew. Perhaps it's a good idea to 'stop the world , get off' and trust God, taking time to appreciate the beauty of nature, family and friends. We might allow ourselves to believe in, and yes, maybe even expect, a miracle today... a Homer of our own... those people who come into our lives, not coincidentally, that make a positive difference. Now wouldn't that be an answer to our prayers?"

Johnson has been active in theatre from a very young age. A professor of communcation at the University of Central Florida, her theatrical history runs the gamut of educational, community and professional theatre. She has acted in over 25 productions, directed more than 35 plays, produced the Miss Florida Pageant on stage and for TV for 20 years and produced ten Department of Defense entertainment tours.

The cast of Lilies includes Kenneth Guilbeault as Father Gomez, Daniel Blazi as Homer Smith, Sherri Callahan as Mother Maria Marthe, Trish Doyle as Sister Elizabeth, Harriet Winokur as Sister Gertrud, Amberly Smith as Sister Agnes, Jane Taylor as Sister Albertine, Donald Campbell as Jose Gonzales, Nicholas Gasparro as Orville Livingstone.

Crew for Lilies includes Director Johnson; Stage Manager Frederick "Fritz" Begy; Production Coordinator Dottie Hughes; Technical Director Bill Roehrborn; Set Decorator Ann Knadle; Lights & Sound Ed Winokur; Props Camille Dickinson, Costumes Rose Dingas, Diane Jingozian & Ruth Stammen; Make-up Karin Jenkins; Hair Stylist David Jenkins; Publicity Dottie Hughes & Taffy Abaticchio; Programs Dottie Hughes & Susan Bradley; Photographer Kimla Dodds.

The performance received rave reviews from Daytona Beach Daily Journal Correspondent Paul Marseglia. "The actors each do a superb job in the portrayal of their characters. Although there are numerous split-second scene changes, the action moves smoothly and does not get bogged down."


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