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Theater Review
Cast of Norman, Is That You?
Norman, Is That You?
by Sandi Carroll, NSB Observer Community Editor

NSB Sept 22, 2000 - Terrific acting and wonderfully funny lines make the opening production at the Little Theatre of New Smyrna Beach a hit. The Ron Clark & Sam Bobrick comedy, "Norman, Is That You?" is a must see show.

This very funny play centers on Ben Chambers, played by Edward Lerp, a dry cleaner from Ohio whose wife has run away with his brother. Lerp, a newcomer to the Little Theatre, but no stranger to acting, is marvelous in his role. His sense of comedic timing is great. Welcome to the LT.

When Ben arrives in New York to cry on his son's shoulder, he soon discovers that his son Norman, played by Ken Guilbeault, is gay and living with Garson, played by Spencer Meehl.

Ken Guilbeault is also making his first appearance on the LT stage. He has an associate's degree in theater has appeared in several productions in Connecticut. He does a wonderful job of portraying Norman.

Spencer Meehl is delightful as the openly gay Garson, who has no problem with who he is, but is often offended by how other people react to finding out he's gay.

Ben tries to figure out where he went wrong -- how Norman could be gay -- why didn't he see the signs? Then he remembers that Norman took his mother to the prom and that he should have known something was wrong then.

As he thinks of ways to reverse his son's sexual preference, he decides to fix Norman up with a paid prostitute, Mary, played by Elaina Johnson, to "straighten" him out.

Elaina, a senior at New Smyrna Beach High School and a seven-year member of the Rising Star Theatre in Titusville, does a super job as Mary, who doesn't seem to have a willing client.

Norman doesn't take kindly to Ben's attempt to change him and they have a huge argument and Norman storms out.

Garson returns to the apartment and tries to get better acquainted with Ben, who resists all efforts in some very funny scenes.

Ben's wife Beatrice, played by Beverly Palmer, shows up at Norman's apartment, and of course Ben doesn't want to let her in, but Garson wants to meet her and buzzes her in over Ben's objections. Ben then decides he can get even with her by revealing that Norman is gay and lives with Garson.

Beverly, who has appeared on the Little Theatre stage many times, is an experienced actress and does a wonderful job as Beatrice, who is now sorry she ran off with Ben's brother and wants to make amends.

Norman arrives back and drops a bombshell announcement on everyone that has Garson fainting from the shock.

Mark Johnson, a Little Theatre, veteran has done a great job directing this every talented cast. This play is a terrific season opener. Mark has been with the LT for 13 seasons and is a fine actor as well as a talented director.

Trish Doyle is production coordinator and stage manager and the fantastic set was created by Bill Roehrborn, technical director. Mary Monnier did the set decoration.

Shelby Fink and Jim Bromley handle lights and sound and Donna Johnson and Cathy Claridge take care of props


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