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Cast of Rainmaker

Theater Review
The Rainmaker

NSB Observer Community Editor

NEW SMYRNA BEACH Jan. 19, 2001 - The cast and crew of the Little Theatre of New Smyrna Beach are putting on a high-quality, must-see production of The Rainmaker, by N. Richard Nash. Set during a paralyzing drought in the West, it tells the story of Lizzy Curry, a plain young woman, played by Kristy Nicole Clark.

Clark, who is making her first appearance on the Little Theatre stage, does an excellent job of portraying Lizzy, who is ready to give up and admit that she is going to be an old maid. Her father, H.C. Curry, played by Jim Bromley, and her two brothers, Noah and Jim, played by Daniel Blazi and Nathan Knight, worry about her, and interfere, sending her off to some relatives who have six sons, in hopes that she will get a marriage proposal.

Bromley, a Little Theatre veteran, is wonderful in the role of the crusty but loving father.
Blazi, who appeared in two productions last season, turns in another great performance as the older brother who feels he has to take care of everything and everyone. Knight, a Pine Ridge High School student, does a terrific job playing the well-meaning, but not so bright, younger brother in his first LT stage performance.

Lizzy comes back from the relatives with a marriage proposal -- from the 9-year-old brother -- so her father and brothers attempt to fix her up with File, the local deputy, played by Lawrence Benjamin. Benjamin, a talented and versatile performer, is very convincing as File, who has passed himself off as a widower, but is really divorced, because his wife left him for another man. He is very resistant to the Curry attempts to get him to come out to the ranch and get to know Lizzy better.

In the midst of all this, from out of nowhere comes the flamboyant Starbuck, played by Neil Griffin, who promises to make it rain for $100. Griffin, a seasoned performer, is perfect as Starbuck, who charms the entire family with his grandiose notions and smooth talking ways.
He is a larger-than-life character and a dreamer, something of which Lizzy is very much in need

.The Currys are divided on whether they should take a chance on Starbuck and pay him the $100 to make it rain. Lizzy and Noah think he is a con man and don't believe he can make it rain, while H.C. and Jim are willing to believe in him and take a chance that he can.

Rick Silver, making his first appearance on the LT stage, plays Sheriff Thomas, a really likeable fellow, who tries to give File a dog to keep him company, because he worries about him being alone too much.

Jane Taylor has done a super job directing this very talented cast. This is a very good production, so make sure you don't miss it. Harriet Winokur is production coordinator and Hal Linn is stage manager. Bill Roehrborn is the technical director and has constructed a great looking set. Mary Monnier has done a wonderful job as the set decorator.

Camille Dickinson is in charge of props and Debbi Zill is in charge of lights and sound. Rose Dingas is in charge of costumes. Make-up is done by Karin Jenkins and hair styles are done by David Jenkins.


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