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Cast of Surprise!


The Observer

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, July 19, 2002 - "Surprise!," a farce by Fred Carmichael, opened at 8 p.m. at The Little Theatre of New Smyrna Beach for a two weekend run. Ann Knadle plays Ella Wimsley, who opens a Vermont Inn. She is a retired actress who is constantly reliving her one moment of glory as a child in a silent film.

Ella's best friend Margot Lister, played by Carol Cole, has devised a scheme she thinks will help her chiropractor's marriage. She plans to make his wife think he is having an affair with her and thus make her jealous. Doug Bradley plays Peter Cort, the chiropractor.

Complications arise and Margot's plan backfires and the chiropractor ends up knocked in the head, suffering from amnesia, and is hidden in a large ottoman, just as his wife, Eunice, played by Bobbi Clancy, arrives. Stan Sanders plays Scott Axelrod, Margot's finace.

Adding to the confusion, Ella's granddaughter Carol Wimsley, played by Keirnan Fitzgerald, stops by on her way to spend a weekend with her hippie boyfriend, Morgan Crux, played by Sean Ryan. Adding to the fun is a missing patient from a local sanitarium who doesn't know who he is, played by Mike Shea.

Dan Blazi has the role of Ted Hazeltine who works at Sleepy Hollow, which he describes as "a home away form home for those who can't face the problems of the outside world." He is looking for the missing patient. Scott Hazard and Debbi Dinkins are cast as Virgil and Pearl Dubbins, the inn's handyman and housekeeper. Ryan Shea plays the "Man from Duncan Hines."

Kendra Legendre, New Smyrna Beach High School drama and biology teacher, is the director with Vikki Del Fiacco as stage manager. Bill Roehrborn is the technical director and Mary Monnier and Keirnan Fitzgerald are set decorators. Camille Dickinson is in charge of props and Rose Dingas handles costumes.


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