The Origin of The ESTIE

Ted Pack presents Estie Keyes with her Estie

Ted Pack presents Estie Keyes with her Estie



Date: June 8, 2008
To: Estie Keyes on the occasion of our Volunteer Awards Ceremony

Dear Estie:

I wish that I could be here today with you and our wonderful volunteers to tell everyone how much we are going to miss you on the Board of Directors next season. I wish I could tell them how much I have personally depended on your wonderful support and your commitment to our Little Theatre.

But then, every volunteer, each and every one of them – knows how much you mean to us. They have witnessed first hand how you have gone above and beyond anyone’s expectations to really make this all-volunteer organization work – to make us the best, most successful community theatre in Central Florida. They’ve witnessed the fun of being a member of the Little Theatre, because you have made it so much fun for us.

Estie Keyes accepting her ESTIE AwardIt isn’t often in my several years on this planet that I have run into someone like you – someone who will go to the outer limits to make something exactly right and appropriate for every occasion – someone who walks the tightrope of success with nary a safety net, nary a complaint, and always carries with her a big bright smile that lights up the room.

I simply can’t let this occasion go by unnoticed. And so I have asked our award people here in town to create a special remembrance for you. Again, I wish I could be there in person to give it to you – to put my arms around you and hug you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because, for me, this award says it all. I can’t think of a better name for it than to have named it after you.

And, so, Estie Keyes, even from this distance that separates us today, I present to you the first ever Little Theatre Estie. It’s for an achievement of perfection that for us has no equal. I think you’ll recognize a part of it. At its centerpiece is something familiar that you originated. I hope you’ll display your Estie in a prominent place in your home where friends who visit will know just how much you mean to us.

Now I simply ask that someone come up and hug Estie for me so that she’ll know I’m really here in spirit even if I can’t be here in person.

With much admiration and affection,


Bill Cook, LT President

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