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GREASE - director Carrie Van Tol

Show dates:  July 14 - 31, 2022

Audition dates: May 22 & 23, 2022 7:00 pm

Place:  720 E. Third Ave, New Smyrna Beach (next to the theater)

Come prepared to sing 16 to 32 bars of a song from a comparable genre.  Sheet music is preferred. If tracks are used, the length of the track should be between 45 seconds to a minute and a half (two minutes maximum). Acapella is not acceptable.  If a person does not have music, the music director will accompany the auditionee on a simple, familiar tune.

There will be cold readings from the script.

Be prepared to learn some dance steps.  Dance experience is not required, just an added bonus.

Cast of Characters

DANNY – The leader of the Burger Palace Boys.  Well-built, nice-looking, with an air of cool easy-going charm.  Strong and confident.

SANDY – Danny’s love interest.  Sweet, wholesome, naïve, cute, like Sandra Dee of the “Gidget” movies

THE PINK LADIES – The club-jacketed, gum chewing, hip swinging girls’ gang that hangs around with the Burger Palace Boys.

RIZZO – Leader of the Pink Ladies.  She is tough, sarcastic and outspoken but vulnerable.  Thin, Italian, with unconventional good looks.

FRENCHY – A dreamer.  Good natured and dumb.  Heavily made-up, fussy about her appearance – particularly about her hair.  She can’t wait to finish high school so she can be a beautician.

MARTY – The “beauty” of the Pink Ladies.  Pretty, looks older than the other girls, but betrays her real age when she opens her mouth.  Tries to act sophisticated.

JAN – Chubby, compulsive eater.  Loud and pushy with the other girls, but shy with boys.

THE BURGER PALACE BOYS – A super-cool, D.A.-haired, hard-looking group of high school wheeler-dealers…or so they think.

KENICKIE – Second-in-command of the Burger Palace Boys.  Tough-looking, tattooed, surly, avoids any show of softness.  He has an off-beat sense of humor.

DOODY – Youngest of the guys.  Small, boyish, open, with a disarming smile and a hero-worshiping attitude toward the other guys.  He also plays the guitar.

ROGER – The “anything-for-a-laugh” stocky type.  Full of mishchief, half-baked schemes and ideas.  A clown who enjoys putting other people on.

SONNY – Italian-looking, with shiny black hair and dark oily skin.  A braggart and wheeler-dealer who thinks he’s a real lady-killer.

PATTY – A typical cheerleader at a middle-class American public high school.  Attractive and athletic.  Aggressive, sure of herself, given to bursts of disconcerting enthusiasm.  Catty, but in an All-American Girl sort of way.  She can also twirl a baton.

CHA-CHA – A blind date.  Slovenly, loud-mouthed and homely.  Takes pride in being “the best dancer at St. Bernadette’s.”

EUGENE –The class valedictorian.  Physically awkward, with weak eyes and a high-pitched voice.  An apple-polisher, smug and pompous but gullible.

(All above characters should pass for a high school student.)

VINCE FONTAINE -  A typical “teen audience” radio disc jockey.  Slick, egotistical, fast-talking.  A veteran “greaser”.

JOHNNY CASINO – A “greaser” student at Rydell who leads a rock ‘n’ roll band and likes to think of himself as a real rock ‘n’ roll idol.

TEEN ANGEL – A good-looking falsetto-voiced, Fabian-look-alike.  A singer who would have caused girls to scream and riot back in 1958.

MISS LYNCH – An old maid English teacher.